About Me
  My intent is simply enjoy being who I really am - an integral part of All That Is, a source of resonating energy, to radiate light, to create beauty and harmony around, and to inspire others to do the same.
  I always wanted to create magic. At an early age I discovered my natural ability to heal with hands.
  Later, while studying singing and conducting at music school, I learnt to feel music with my hands and to project a musical energy flow within and outside my body.
  My life has always been full of spiritual experiences, and some things that happened to me were truly magical.
  One of them was meeting a wolf in the woods. At a close distance to each other we maintained an intense eye contact for a few minutes.
  That was unforgettable experience, a sort of empowering blessing from that mystical animal and the Nature itself.
  This happened in my family woodland in Lithuania, a beautiful and magical place of wildlife, and this event brought to it even more magic.
  I wanted this place to serve not only me, but other people as well, to nurture our spiritual health and connection with Nature.
  Soon after that I began to work on a project that I have always dreamt about: creating a spiritual place of beauty and harmony, a space for art, dance, ceremonies, rituals and all sort of magical things that bind us and Nature together, a sanctuary of natural healing and promotion of sustainable living and wildlife preservation.
  I strongly believe that being in harmony with nature and creating beauty around impacts our health and causes positive changes both in us and our environment.
  Mingling between London and Vilnius, and travelling to spiritual places in Peru and Northern India, I studied various subjects related to my project, among them - shamanism, ayurveda and natural eco building.
 During one shamanic journey I realised that my vocation is to devote myself to music, rhythm and sound.
  I started with exploring the power of drum, and later destiny led me to gongs and singing bowls.
  I am very grateful to my teachers Sheila Whittaker, Tom Soltron and Don Conreaux, who introduced me to the magical world of these sacred instruments.
  To move forward in this world of mysteries I find important to follow my own intuition and creativity. The greatest master lies there deep inside us. The ultimate knowledge comes through the contemplation inside ourselves and within nature, and to develop healing skills and doing magic requires sincerity, dedicated work and practice.
      I wish everybody to gain inner peace and happiness, to vibrate in harmony with Nature, and to shine brightly your divine essence!

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