Gong Bath
Gong Bath, what is it? 
  Dense gong tones envelope the listener's body in a thick cocoon of sound. It feels like drowning or floating in cosmic space. Gong experience can be also compared to the bathing in the ocean, as the sound waves powerfully wash over, around and through you. After a healing session you feel clean and refreshed. 
  During a gong session I also use my voice and play other instruments to facilitate cleansing, serenity, altered states and healing. 
  Meditation with the sound of the gong is always unique and different to every participant. Usually the temperature of the body drops. Heat or tingling in some areas are common. This indicates that these areas got an intensive transformation.
gong bath meditation london  In a deep trance-like state you may feel stoned, see splashes of colours or have an out of body experiences. Many report being in a state of nothingness or having beautiful dreams and visions, and some participants just fall into a healthy deep sleep.
About gong 
  There are many types of gongs found all over the world.
  For several thousands of years they have been used for numerous purposes including healing, vision quest, spiritual awakening, guidance to other dimensions and energy transmission to any close or distant place in the Universe.
  As a facilitator of transformation, gong accompanied births, marriages, initiations, deaths and funerals.
  It was played to open the crown chakra, the gateway to universal consciousness, divine unity and an exit point at the time of dying, and also to stimulate the third eye, the centre of inner guaidance, intuition and prophecy.
The Sound of Gong
  Healing gongs of the highest quality, apart of their fundamental note, produce many other tones and their overtones when played well. Powerful waves of sound move in the air creating new combination tones, and layer upon layer they build up tones of every pitch and a rich complex of overtones, those within our hearing range, and those beyond it.

  The sound of the gong is so rich and powerful, that it completely overwhelms our mind, penetrates every bit of our physical and non-physical existence, and takes us to the deep and vast landscape beyond our consciousness.
 I run gong baths every Sunday 7pm-8.30pm at Budha on a Bicycle, Covent Garden, London, and gong baths with a tea ceremony every Wednesday 8pm-10pm (same place), once a month - Psychedelic Gong Bath at spectacular Round Chapel, and once in two month - All-Night Psychedelic Gong Bath at Old Baths, Hackney Wick.

  To book a session in Covent Garden or to organise a gong session in your venue: kat@soundmysterium.com or 07724302001


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