Sound Treatments 
  Healing sound treatments with gong and singing bowls combine deep relaxation or meditation with subtle sensations felt all over the body (sonic massage).
  Healthy frequencies can give you exactly what you need at the particular moment: creative solutions, artistic inspirations, good night sleep, relax, inner peace, pain relieve, or they can just lift you up and make you cheerful and energised for the next few days.
 How to prepare for a sound healing session
singing bowl
  The best way to fully benefit from a gong or a singing bowls session is to come without any particular expectations, but with a positive attitude and an intention to stay opened to whatever happens and wherever magical sounds will take you.
  Usually the treatments are received lying down on a mat on the floor, covered in a blanket.
  It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing, warm socks and no metal accessories. 
 After a healing sound journey you will probably feel a little bit spacey and light-headed for quite some time. Usually it feels like having spring cleaning inside and shining the light.
  Gong and singing bowls harmonise us on a spiritual level and restore energy centres and channels of our subtle bodies. Their healing action is ongoing and keeps making a continuous progress for the next few days or even weeks.
  Please drink plenty of water at that time to aid cleansing and healing process, and give yourself enough time for the spiritual reflections.
What do I offer
  Currently I practise sound healing mainly in London, Covent Garden. Sound treatments can be conducted for any length of time. Even 15 minutes of listening to the sounds of gong or singing bowl can make miracles.
  Usually, individual gongbath, singing bowls massage or mixed gong &bowls treatment last one hour and group gongbaths a little bit longer.
  I also offer longer, more intensive sessions for stronger effects, and occasionally - all night gong pujas.
  For special events, on request, tea ceremony can be incorporated.
Please email me kat@soundmysterium.com or call +447724302001 to arrange an appointment for a private sound treatment, to reserve a place for a group session, to organise your special event and for any other inquiries about my work and projects.
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