Tea Ceremony

  Tea Ceremony is a beautiful and meditative ritual of preparing and drinking tea, taking it's roots from Tao, Zen and Buddhist traditions where tea is considered as a spiritual drink. 

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  High quality leaf tea induces a deep meditative state, philosophical and creative mindset, a feeling of contentment, freedom and openness to the mystical.

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  Sitting on the floor we drink exceptional oolong, pu-erh or green tea, slowly and mindfully which allows us to be fully present to the senses of smell, taste, touch, to be present to all the sounds, to all we can see, feel and sense; and through this presence to all our senses we stop the chatter of our busy minds, we stop thinking for a moment about future or past, we experience and live the actual moment, we notice beauty in tiny simple things and we can be fully present to 'here' and 'now'. 

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  Handmade teas that come from the trees growing in the wild or from natural farming, processed with special care, brewed and tasted in a simple yet beautiful set and setting, offer unforgettable sensory experience with a profound feeling of something magical.


  Regular tea ceremonies followed by a gong bath: every Wednesday 8pm-10pm at Buddha on a Bicycle, Covent Garden, London.
  Spaces are very limited. Reservations in advance: kat@soundmysterium.com or 07724302001.

Tea Ceremony & Gong Bath, Buddha on a Bicycle, London

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The Other World: Tea Ceremony
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