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I always wanted to create magic.

At an early age I discovered a natural ability to heal with my hands. Later, while studying singing & conducting at music school, I noticed that hands can project and direct the musical energy flow like chi or prana within and outside the body. This was only the beginning of my world of mysterious.

A real miracle in my life was a self-suspended fire caused by a candle whilst I was sleeping. I was around 9 years old and I used to pray to my angel the guardian every night. After that miraculous night I’ve promised to build a little chapel or a sanctuary as an expression of my deep gratitude for my saved life, and I felt a strong call to use my hands to help healing others. 

Another magical happening was meeting a she-wolf with a puppy in the woods in Lithuania. At a close distance to each other me and the she-wolf maintained an intense eye contact for a few minutes. Such unforgettable experience became an empowering blessing from the mythical animal and an inspiration to create a retreat on that land, a place that could serve people to regain harmony, balance and connection to Nature. It was an opportunity to fulfill my childhood's promise to build a little temple.



In Spring 2008 I had my first psychedelic experience which was life changing. It was a strong calling to return to shamanic roots and to work with sound, rhythm and especially a drum. 

The exploration of various drums instantly brought me to the gongs and singing bowls. Various synchronicities and signs were flowing one after another pointing out the gongs to me.


Mingling between UK and Lithuania, and travelling to remote places in Northern India and Peru, I studied various subjects related to sound, ayurveda, shamanism and natural eco-building.

My first teachers of sound healing were Tom Czartoryski, Sheila Whittaker and Don Conreaux.

Later I had an honour to meet famous Frank Perry and to learn from him a lot about specifics of antique singing bowls.

Huge steps forward in my work as a healer came with the three different initiations into three authentic ancient traditions of Kashmiri Shaiva Tantra with Daniel Odier, Siberian Shamanism with Valerij N. Chebochakov and Dao Yin Shu of Xiao Yao Pai.

For me it is important to approach energy & sound work with subtlety and refinement, and to have an honest caring attitude towards each person reaching for my guidance.


After years of dedicated practice with many challenges on my path, I became deeply touched seeing how Sound Mysterium has evolved, how many people find my work useful, beneficial and meaningful, and how events like Psychedelic Gong Bath at The Round Chapel, All-Night Psychedelic Gong Bath or intimate gong & tea sessions at Buddha on a Bicycle became so loved and popular that they became an inspiration for many other healers and artists to follow.

Thank you everybody whom I’ve met on my path. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve you, to offer my gifts, to create something beautiful, and to spread more peace and harmony around.

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