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Learn Sound Healing

The training in sound healing that I’m offering is suitable for both absolute novices to the sound world and those who already have experience in music or sound healing but wishing to widen and enrich their practice.

I like adjusting my teachings to personal needs of each individual or a particular group.

Here are example topics we can cover:



Types of various gongs, mallets, what to chose

•playing techniques, improvisation, developing your skills

•approach to healing work

•facilitating individual and group gong baths

•additional instruments in a gong bath


Singing Bowls

•types of bowls, antique & contemporary

•playing techniques and practicalities

•specifics of antique bowls and approach to old ritual objects, secret traditions

•contemporary approach to sound healing with bowls

•how to give a singing bowls massage


Voicework -ThroatSinging


Personal Grrowth

Spiritual Practices

I always encourage my students to do a lot of their own research and to learn from other healers and musicians as well. Sound healing is a huge and delicate subject. It is easy to learn the basics, and you can instantly begin using this tool for yourself and your family or friends. However if you intend to work professionally, I would strongly advice to practice, experiment and do many case studies for minimum a year before you begin charging and offering the sound healing service to the public.


Learn The Art of Tea

•history, philosophy, traditions

•types of tea, variety, tea knowledge, effects on the body & mind

•create your own daily ritual

•ceremony for others

•set, setting, materials, aesthetics

•tea ware, accessories

•brewing & steeping techniques

•sensory explorations



A private tuition can be arranged at my home in London or my roundhouse retreat in Lithuania. You can choose learning what you are interested the most – playing gongs, working with various bowls, giving a singing bowls sound massage, developing your voice, making ceremonial tea or incense.

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