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Antique Singing Bowls for Sale

Here I’m listing videos of a few types of old (antique or vintage) singing bowls, mainly for a reference. 

Over a hundred similar bowls are available at my home in London where you can try them out and choose in person. Please email me to arrange your visit.

Alternatively email me describing what kind of energy you are looking for and what are your personal needs, and I would try to choose a bowl or a set of bowls for you.

When choosing a bowl allow yourself to be in stillness listening to your heart, trusting your intuition and asking for a help or a sign from the universe/the divine/your personal guides.

For an in-depth exploration of the world of old singing bowls you can join one of my sound healing workshops or ask for a private tuition.

Chalice/Pedestal Antique Singing Bowl - SOLD

This bowl has a beautiful sound and bright uplifting energy, a genuine antique, 17cm in diameter, quite heavy.

Try different wands to get variation in sound. In the video I'm using a mid size spalted beech by Frank Perry and a big suede wand. 

Small Chalice/Pedestal Antique Singing Bowl - SOLD

Gorgeous sound, look and feel. This small beauty is 10,2cm in diameter. Various wands and mallets would enhance and open up different tones and hues. 

Antique Remuna Singing Bowl - £165

Quite thin and lightweight bowl, 17,6cm in diameter. Makes lovely sound effects with a bit of water inside. Try to experiment adding various amounts of water.

Small Antique Singing Bowl - SOLD

Small antique Thadobati bowl, 12,5cm in diameter, with engraved concentric circles inside, and dots and lines on the external surface. Beautiful clear sound.

In the video I used the following wands and mallets: Chalklin vibraphone medium/hard mallet, brass head bell mallet, Frank Perry big wooden wand.

Two Antique Singing Bowls - SOLD

The first bowl is a beautiful piece with a script and flat bottom, 16,4cm diameter. The higher tone sustains longer than the base. Best played very gently and close to the body/ear.

The second bowl is quite big - 20,1cm in diameter. It has outstanding sound qualities, exceptional super long sustain, and magnetic energy, peaceful and powerful. Various wands would bring variety of sounds. A really rare find.

Small Old Manipuri Singing Bowl - SOLD

This lovely bowl seems to be around 100 year old, so probably still qualifying as an antique. It has a clear sound, beautiful hammer-marks and lines on the rim and on the outside wall. 15,1cm in diameter. Manipuri bowls of that size are easy to travel with.  

Rare and Very Special Antique Singing Bowl - £300

Rare shape singing bowl that works with water. Thick lip, beautiful old patina, circles on the outside wall, long sustain and outstanding sound. 19,3cm in diameter. It has an exceptional feel and energetic presence.

Elephant/Mani Antique Singing Bowl - SOLD

Quite big and very heavy antique bowl that works with water, minimum few  hundreds years old. High pitch sound amplifies itself by adding some water. Works best with hard or hard-medium mallets and wands. Add more water than most water bowls would need. Beautiful antique piece to use or just to look at to enjoy its beautiful presence and energy. 17,5cm in upper diameter.


Around 100 bowls are available for sale at my home in London where you can try them out and choose in person.

Alternatively email me describing what kind of energy ​you are lookin​g for and what are your personal needs, and I would try to choose a bowl or a set of bowls for you.

For the newest updates regarding the stock of antique bowls please join my Facebook group:  

Antique Singing Bowls in London  

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