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Traditions I Follow

I feel very honoured and lucky to have received teachings and initiations from a few great masters and lineages carrying authentic millennia old mystical traditions such as Siberian shamanism, shamanism related Kashmiri tantra and esoteric Taoism.

Siberian tradition involves working with ritually made drum, blessed and consecrated (my drum is made by my teacher from Khakassia). Through the drumming I journey into other realms and interact with animal spirits, sages, ancestors, mythological beings etc. doing there a specific work that would benefit my client. I also feel that just the presence of my drum and its sound, without journeying, has a power to shift the energy around in a positive healing and blessing way.

Kashmiri Shaiva Kaula tradition involves merging with/getting possessed by tantric deities. I find these practices very powerful for guiding my work and supporting hand healing (with or without physical touch). 

Taoist tradition that I practice involves merging with deities and immortals of Chinese origin, and similarly old shamanic bronze mirrors and old consecrated bowls that I work with make me encounter deities, saints, sages and various higher plane beings from other traditions and beliefs, for example Tibetan, Indian, Japanese and other.

All that stuff might sound crazy to our pragmatic minds. I’d say it just reflects the nature of our consciousness or subconsciousness, how it can operate on many levels, communicate through the archetypes as aspects of our psyche, and its ability to connect individuals to collective subconsciousness. In one word I’d say shamanism is a tool that enables an access to one big Consciousness beyond the limited ego.


Specifics of my Work

Shamanic healing session shifts the energy of a person receiving it straight away, but the person is also asked to do some work and follow the advice and instructions that I bring to him/her from the trance and visions.

Interestingly, most of my clients and students have extraordinary healing and visionary abilities themselves, but they are only beginning discovering their gifts and calling or are stuck in some patterns and blocked energy that keeps them away from their path.

I’ve noticed it became sort of my specialization to help others overcome such blockages, discover their own source of empowerment, reinforce their natural gifts, discover and connect with their spiritual guides/teachers, and find their personal calling.


Traditional sessions with shamanic drumming can be combined with sound healing and channeled hand healing. My work can involve personal, family or community healing and consultation, blessing ceremonies for spaces, projects and special occasions.

I prefer giving private sessions at my place in London or at my retreat in Lithuania when I’m there. Sessions at your home or quiet places in nature are also possible. When meeting in person is difficult to arrange, shamanic healing can be done remotely.

I like an old tradition which says that shamanic work is priceless and there is no pricing for it, but a financial gift is discretely given in return for healing.

For a session at my place you give what you can and what you feel. In circumstances that involve venue hire or travel expenses I might ask you for a set fee.


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