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Once on my holidays in Lithuania something magical had happened to me - in my family’s woodland I met a wolf with her puppy. We were just a few meters from each other and maintained an intense eye contact for a couple of minutes. It was a really powerful, hypnotic and unforgettable experience. I felt for myself that that was a sign and a blessing from the wild animal.

 It inspired and encouraged me to begin to work on a project I have always dreamed about – a natural sanctuary and space for rituals, healing, art, dance, crafts and harmonious coexisting with wildlife. I felt empowered to create something special there that would serve others, that would help people to find or regain their own health, balance, power and courage to live a more relaxed and creative life. 


That encounter with the wolf happened not long before I got a calling to work with the sound in 2008. Since then I’ve been going to that place each Summer, working on the building project mostly on my own, with no machinery, using simple hand tools and natural or reclaimed materials only, and with respect to nature and all living creatures on the site. 

Regardless many obstacles and difficulties I’ve managed to built a simple roundhouse. There’s still a lot to be done like getting electricity and water, and making a shelter suitable for sleeping and longer stay, but I’m using the roundhouse already for occasional gong baths, ceremonies and workshops. 

Energetically charged space of the round space and the serene woodland there serves me also to do distance healing. No matter where you are, there are ways to connect and perform the healing work if needed.

A lot of time I meditate there on my own and do shamanic/energy work with an intention to benefit and bless the humans, nature and the planet. I do believe that being in a state of harmony, in a proper set and setting, and using intuitive inner vision with creativity and intention, can generate an enormous energy that is able to spread and reach very far.

I would be very grateful for any contribution personal or material to keep my work and the retreat alive. If you can, please donate here: DONATE

To book a distant healing or arrange your visit there in person, please email me:

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