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Kat Bumbul

Starting in 2008 and each year expanding, I’ve been offering private and group sessions using the life sound of gongs, antique singing bowls and other trance-inducing instruments along tea ceremonies, meditation, shamanic practices, throat singing and hand healing to help my clients to restore and improve their well-being. I feel honoured and happy to be able to facilitate such sought-after experiences that participants describe as ‘enriching’, ‘transcendental’, ‘profound’, transportive’, ‘magical’, ‘mysterious’, ‘deeply healing’…

I teach and do life sessions mainly in London, UK, and occasionally in Baltics, and offer remote distance healing.

Soothing, relaxing, healing, magical. I especially enjoyed Kat’s voice at the end - it felt other worldly.. I was taken into a deep meditative space and saw many images in my mind’s eye. I slept very deeply last night. Thank you Kat for sharing your gifts.


Sound healing sessions, tea ceremonies, labyrinths, workshops, retreats, and all-night events. Various locations. Bigger and smaller groups. Private sessions.  


Small Group Gong Bath - Wed 28th Feb

Sound Mysterium Studio, Chalk Farm, 7pm - 8.30pm, £25, max 5 people.


Small Group Gong Bath - Tue 5th Mar

Sound Mysterium Studio, Chalk Farm, 7pm - 8.30pm, £25, max 5 people.


Tea Ceremony & Gong Bath - Sun 17th Mar

Sound Mysterium Studio, Chalk Farm, 1pm - 3pm, £30, capacity 5people


Singing Bowls Meditation - Sat 2nd Mar

Sound Mysterium Studio, Chalk Farm, 1pm-2.30pm, £25, capacity 5 people.

Gong Bath Sound Mysterium.jpg

Gong Bath, Barons Court -Wed 6th Mar

Colet House, Barons Court, 7.15pm - 9pm, £20, capacity 50 people.


All-Night Gong Bath -Sat/Sun 23-24 Mar

Colet House, Barons Court, 9.30pm - 8.30am, £55 - £75, capacity 50 people.


Tea Ceremony & Gong Bath - Sun 3rd Mar

Sound Mysterium Studio, Chalk Farm, 1pm - 3pm, £30, capacity 5people


Tea Ceremony & Gong Bath - Sat 9th Mar

Sound Mysterium Studio, Chalk Farm, 1pm - 3pm, £30, capacity 5people


Singing Bowls Workshop - Sat27th-Sun28th Apr

Sound Mysterium Studio, Chalk Farm, 10.30am-5pm, £250, max 4 people.




There are many types of sound healing and music therapy with various approaches. So called ‘gong bath’ and ‘sound bath’ with intuitively applied sound of gongs, singing bowls and some other instruments reached an incredible popularity and demand. Carefully chosen instruments in combination with good skills of a musician or healer cause deep relaxation, stress and pain relief, introspective meditation and transcendental experience, all of which are an important foundation for individual and collective health and balance.

In my sound work I try to use additional skills and personal gifts to bring a healing experience to a deeper level.



Tea Ceremony is a beautiful and meditative ritual of preparing and drinking tea, taking it's roots from Tao and Zen traditions where tea is considered as a special spiritual drink.

I’m offering group and one-to one tea meditation sessions.



My shamanic practice is based mainly on the Siberian tradition. I go into a trance and enter different realities to facilitate healing, give blessings, and receive insights, advise & answers for my clients. These sessions can be done both in person and remotely, on a donation basis.



Having over 10 years experience in sound healing I’m happy to share my knowledge, skills and approach to gongs, singing bowls, voicework and the subject of healing. I’ve been running one-to-one teachings and group workshops since 2013, and also inviting world known experts (Frank Perry, Sainkho Namtchylak) to lead them. 



This is Sound Mysterium’s special place for healing ceremonies and workshops by the woods outside Vilnius city in Lithuania. When I’m there you are very welcome to come to this place for private sound baths in nature, gongs & singing bowls sound work tuition, shamanic healing, tea ceremonies, practice of natural building & alternative gardening, and for recharging yourself in a raw environment exposed to the elements.



Personally I’m interested in antique singing bowls the most. I find many of them having superior sound compared to new bowls, and what I value in them the most is the energy that they carry, their hidden secret use from the past that a person with well developed intuition and inner vision can glimpse at.

The bowls I’m offering for sale are from my favourite and trustful antique bowls supplier. They are genuine pieces with a lot of history and unique energy & feel, different from mass-production bowls widely available on today’s market.

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